h2>Mystery Bundle #002

We're happy to announce the Black Screen Records Mystery Bundle #002. Our next Mystery Bundle includes three amazing indie game soundtracks on audiophile 180g vinyl. First title is the Alkis Livathinos soundtrack to Hue.

Production update: test pressings for BSR007 and BSR008 are both approved. BSR014 will be remastered for vinyl in early March. ETA for the bundle is Summer 2017 - follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. Please send us an email or DM if you have any questions regarding the status of your order or the Mystery Bundle #002.

Thanks so much for your support!

BSR007: Alkis Livathinos - Hue: Official Soundtrack - 2x12" 180g vinyl in laser-cut gatefold sleeve incl. mp3s (blue / purple vinyl)
BSR008: Michael Bross - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath OST - 2x12" 180g vinyl + 7" (Yellow/Orange vinyl while stocks last).
BSR014: 1x12" 180g vinyl (incl. mp3s)

You can also get the Mystery Bundle with the upcoming repress of Jessica Curry's beautiful Dear Esther soundtrack on limited edition gold vinyl for a discounted price:

BSR012: Jessica Curry - Dear Esther on 2x12" 180g gold vinyl (second pressing)