Mystery Bundle #001

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We're happy to announce our first Black Screen Records - Mystery Bundle. The Mystery Bundle includes our next four releases (incl. the Velocity 2X OST) on limited edition 180g vinyl records for a reduced price (and you also save a lot on shipping). The whole bundle will be shipped in November 2016. All four releases are currently in production and will be announced in the upcoming weeks / months.

You'll receive four incredible video game soundtracks on audiophile 180g vinyl records from highly praised indie games. We can't tell you much about these soundtracks just yet, but trust us, you will love them as much as we do. The bundle will include:

1) Velocity 2X OST on 180g vinyl (incl. poster & mp3 download)
2) Downwell OST on 180g vinyl
3) Risk of Rain OST on 180g vinyl (incl. mp3 download for two albums)
4) Pony Island on 180g vinyl (incl. Steam code for the game & mp3s)

Check out our favourite tunes from Velocity 2X, Downwell and Risk of Rain below: